“Everybody be cool, this is a puppet show!
Any of you fuckin’ pricks move, and I’ll execute every mother fuckin’ last one of you!”

3 actors and 25 marionettes hilariously attempt to play out the movie Pulp Fiction in this ultimate fan homage.

A sell-out success at Edinburgh, Adelaide, Perth, Wellington, Auckland and Dunedin Fringe festivals, World Buskers Festival, and the NZ Comedy Festival.

Performed as three different 55min shows or one 2.5hr marathon (incl breaks). Option for short GA appearances.

Suits small room or raked seating. Single state lighting, actors operate own tech with preference for venue sound op.

Playing at the Basement Theatre, Auckland in July 2017

Playing at The Counting House for Laughing Horse Free Edinburgh Fringe Festival at the Edinburgh Fringe in 2017


Documentary: Link to doco


original performance/poster photographs taken by http://www.domizphotography.com