Performance artist Conrad Coom’s outdoor interactive work combines his penchant for vintage suitcases with his chaotic approach to interactive art and theatre.  Conrad’s baggage arrives at a location and must be moved with the help of the general public and his trusty porter, played by Ed Van Son. Once in situ, temporary creative installation ideas are crowd sourced and built, from mazes to turrets, the only limit is imagination.

The show is perfect for outdoor events and appeals to all ages. It has successfully played at Fringe festivals, Splore, Petone Settlers Festival and various other outdoor public events such as the 10 year celebration of Te Papa when the suitcases were delivered by helicopter to the waterfront!

Originally created in 2006, Present Company Live produced the 2009 season of Excess: The Suitcase Show at Auckland Fringe and AK Festival. Over a week the suitcases journeyed from K-Rd, through Myers Park, down Queen St, up the Sky Tower, through the Downtown centre, and eventually set sail on the Auckland Harbour.