Dorge is a lovable orange hand and rod monster puppet that really likes to talk about sex.

Dorge was created by puppet master Jon Coddingon in 2015 and started out with small spots at line up shows. Having performed in variety shows in Edinburgh Fringe and in NZ, Jon Coddington wrote and prepared with Hannah Clarke a full solo show Dorge ABCDS&M. The show premiered in NZ Fringe Wellington Feb 2016 and won the inaugural BARC award presented by World Buskers Festival.

After a successful season in Christchurch for the World Buskers Festival in January 2017, Dorge relocated to Auckland and has taken to popping up at parties while he tries to make it big in the city.

He also makes a cameo appearance in Puppet Fiction as Jody (played by Patricia Arquette in the film Pulp Fiction).

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